Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas 2

Christmas 2

He out of His compassion makes
Appear in many ways;
Sometimes He incarnates, or
Manifests in nights and days.

Life is His profile,
Idividuality is but illusion;
For the universe is
Still in the process of evolution.

From gas to stone
Then plants,animals, humans all;
One thing is common,
And that is Vital.

Vital that evolved years ago
Now find painfully confined
As Ego.

Ego is consciouss and limited,
He is consciouss
Universal unlimited.

At every stage of evolution
A leap forward is taken,
For the Ego to be taken into haven;
Nights and days make a year,
Punctuated by Thanksgiving Easter and Chrismas
Our brains are evoluting within us.

The vital part of the evolution has to complete
Lord hails within us to come and see it.

When the veil of ego is torn, it is then
Within us the Christ  is born. 

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